President’s speech

מנשה כהן, עורך דיןThe Israeli Institute for Business Arbitration is the first and oldest institution in Israel for arbitration and dispute resolution. The Arbitration Institute was established over 30 years ago on a non-profit basis by the late Prof. Samdar Ottolenghi and the Union of Chambers of Commerce, and since then has been leading the message of arbitration and dispute resolution in Israel. The Arbitration Institute is the only public institution in Israel in the field of arbitration.

After the death of the late Prof. Ottolenghi, the presidents of the institution were (retired) judges Amnon Strashnov, Dan Arbel and Ila Procchia, who worked a lot for its promotion and development.

The Israeli Institute for Business Arbitration provides an efficient and reliable organizational framework for conflict resolution, through arbitration and mediation. The arbitrators are appointed according to the type of dispute (real estate, high-tech, commercial, international disputes, etc.), from a list of arbitrators who are among the top ranks of arbitrators in Israel (retired judges, senior lawyers, accountants, engineers and other experts). The arbitration institution has clear and fair rules, and in particular – timetables, ethics and even the possibility of appeal.

The institution’s staff performs its duties professionally, efficiently and fairly.

Over the years, thousands of arbitration decisions have been issued at the Arbitration Institute. An arbitration award of the Commercial Arbitration Institute has never been annulled in a court of law and we are proud of that.

The Mossad staff and myself will be happy to provide you with mediation and arbitration services at the highest level, while meeting deadlines and a fair budget.



Adv. Menashe Cohen