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The Israel-China Business Mediation Center is an integral part of the IICA broad international activity. The establishment of the Mediation Center together with CCPIT Mediation Center is an important step toward strengthening the business relations between Israeli and chinse companies and delivering a cost-effective solution for both parties, maintaining a strategic and supportive economic relationship.

This unique venture, will enhance and facilitate the business operations in Israel and China, promote Israeli investments and operations in China, and will encourage the development of the economic relations with Israel.

Introducing innovative online platforms to conduct the mediation process is a guarantee for an effective procedure.

We invite you to review the ICBMC Mediation Rules available for download and for further information and any inquiries regarding Mediation/Arbitration procedures, please contact us.

On this page you will find available for download: Sample/ Draft of an International Mediation Agreement, Model Mediation Clause and a mediation Submission Form.

The IICA as the leading arbitration and dispute settlement Institution in Israel continues to develop and extend the services with more initiative dedicated to international trade facilitation with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures reaching agreement and avoiding litigation.

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Mediation Agreement In Word Format

Mediation Clause