The Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration

December  1, 2016

Payment Rates for International Arbitration

  1. Monetary claims or claims whose monetary value can be estimated

(1) Filing fee – 1% from the claim value (to be paid by the plaintiff and the counter-plaintiff

Amount of the fees no less than $ 2000

Advance payment – $ 1000

(2) Arbitrator's fee

Arbitrator lawyer or other specialist –        $ 400/working hour

Arbitrator judge –                                       $ 600/working hour

Arbitrator Supreme Court justice –              $ 800/working hour

  1. Claims with no monetary value estimate

(1) Filing fee – $ 5000   (to be paid by the plaintiff and the counter-plaintiff)

Advance payment – $ 1,000

(2)  Arbitrator's fee – as in sec. 1 (2) above

  1. Special expenses

The parties will bear the special expenses of the international arbitration such as recording, typing, transcription, translation of testimonies and documents, video and conference calls. These expenses will be incurred by the parties in equal amounts, unless otherwise agreed upon.

  1. Value Added Tax is to be added to all payments.
  2. Advance payment according to sec. 1(1) above shall be paid immediately following the nomination of the arbitrator by the President of the Institute and shall be set-off from the filing fee. The remaining sum due for the filing fee will be paid before the first hearing following the submission of the pleadings.
  3. The arbitrator's fee will be paid by the parties in equal portions, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  4. This chart is based on the Payment Rates Rules of the Israeli Institute of Commercial  Arbitration of November 7,  2016.